Special Software Requests for use in Classrooms

To Request software for the classroom Computers or Remote Apps (virtual desktop available to students):

Requests to load discipline-specific software should be submitted through the Service Request Portal. The software must be supplied by the user with proof of licensure by the dates below to allow for adequate testing of the product.  

In order to ensure that all courseware is fully tested and will not compromise the availability of software for everyone, we have established software request deadlines: 

  • Fall Semester - July 1st preceding the semester start
  • J Term - October 1st preceding the session start
  • Spring Semester - November 1st preceding the semester start
  • Summer Session - April 1st preceding the session start

Once the semester is underway, installs are subject to available resources, and changes must also not interfere with other classes using the same computers.  

A list of standard software that is installed on all classroom machines is in our FAQ under Support

More information about Software in classrooms and on the Hive can be found at Software for Classes & Classrooms KB0011128


Crestron AirMedia Wireless AV Connection Software

Windows and Mac OS Guest Software for connecting to our AV systems wirelessly can be found at the links below.  iOS and Android clients are at the appropriate app stores. Audio is not currently available with android devices (more info)

Windows AirMedia Connect 5.9.1

Mac OS AirMedia Application 4.1.14


iClicker Software for the University of Virginia

iClicker now uses iClicker Cloud exclusively.  For assistance with iClicker please contact iClicker support.