Frequently Asked Questions

How do I LOG OUT of the computer?

  • select: Start from the task bar (center bottom of page)
  • then select: Accounts icon (may be your picture)
  • then select: Sign Out


ENTER Ctr-Alt-Del and select Sign Out.

Do NOT Shut Down, or Lock


What software is on the classroom computers and how do I request special software?

Every ITS-supported classroom comes with a suite of standard software. Specialized software must be requested each semester to be installed in your assigned rooms. The standard software available in all rooms is listed below.

  • Browsers and Instructional Tools
    • Chrome, Edge, Firefox ESR, Adobe Reader, iClicker Cloud, Panopto Recorder, PDF Annotator, Poll Everywhere, Zoom 
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Office login is required to access OneDrive files)
    • Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Teams, Whiteboard
  • Other General Titles
    • 7-Zip, ArcGIS 108.8 Suite, ArcGIS 2.8 Pro, Ghostscript 9, Google Earth Pro, Gsview 5, SecureCRT, VLC Media Player

If you require a software title not listed, please submit a software request immediately.


How do I get more chairs for my classroom?  Can I move the podium out of my way?

  • No furniture may be removed from a classroom.  If you need extra seating, please contact the registrar’s office for a room change. Removing a chair from an adjacent space will leave other classes without the necessary chairs.
  • Podiums and equipment racks are not moveable. Do not relocate or rearrange any equipment.

The University reserves the right to assess charges for damage or changes to equipment, furnishings, or rooms.


Can I test out my classroom before classes start?

Classrooms will be open for self-guided tours the week before classes begin. We strongly encourage faculty to come and explore the technology at their own pace. If the doors are locked you can call our hotline for access M-F from 8am - 8pm.  434-982-4586.  We offer assisted tours and training during this time as well. To set up an appointment, please write for assistance.

We strongly encourage faculty to come and explore the technology at their own pace. Logging into the computer before your first class will reduce first-day stress and decrease in-class setup time! When classes are in session, technical support time is limited due to the high number of calls. We must shift our focus to resolving issues rather than training. This allows us to serve as many instructors as possible.

Will I need to use 2-Factor Authentication in the classroom(DUO)?

Although not required to log in to the computer, DUO is a required two-factor authentication application for some accounts you may use, such as Canvas, Collab, or Office 365. We strongly recommend you install the app on your phone, configured with Eduroam Wi-Fi access. This allows you to receive the notification and sign in when your cell signal is not available. More info:


How do I use PowerPoint in the classroom from within Canvas?

The Canvas document viewer (DocViewer) only gives you a preview of the document. It does not support the functions of PowerPoint.

There are two ways in which you can use a PowerPoint presentation from Canvas: 

  1. Upload the PowerPoint to the Files tool in Canvas, then when you need to run the presentation, download the file, save it on the computer, and open it in PowerPoint.
  2. Use the Microsoft OneDrive integration to embed the PowerPoint document. You can open it directly in OneDrive and present from there. We would also recommend using OneDrive for any PPT files that have a large file size. RECOMMENDED 

Using Canvas Files:

  1. Upload the PPT to the Files tool.
  2. Download the PPT to the computer where you will be presenting.
  3. Open the file in PowerPoint.

Using Microsoft OneDrive:

  1. Upload the PPT file to a folder in Microsoft OneDrive.
  2. Either:
  3. Access the PPT file from the Canvas page or module where you embedded it.
  4. Select the Open in New Window button in the lower right corner of the embedded PPT's frame (it looks like a box with arrows pointing out from each corner).
  5. The PPT will open in a new browser tab or window - you can then switch to presenter mode.


Using Personal Devices in the Classroom, i.e., Laptops, Phones, and Tablets

Classroom support technicians are not able to assist in configuring any devices for Wi-Fi connection. For assistance contact the Help Desk at (434) 982-4357 or go here: . Alternatively, your department LSP ( LSP Search by Department ) can assist.

For more information on Wi-Fi connection, see here:

If you plan to use the classroom AV (Audio Visual) system, you will need to connect to a standard HDMI cable, provided on the podium. If your device does not have an HDMI port, it will be your responsibility to provide an adapter.


Using Dual Monitors and Wacom Annotation Tablets

Step by Step instructional videos here: